All too often we find ourselves in what seems to be an unbearable situation, married but not fulfilled, asking the question “how did I get here and what do I do now?” In order to answer that question, you must re-commit and say “Yes”. Yes you can develop and open the lines of communication with your spouse. Yes you can meet each other’s expectations. Yes you can meet each other’s intimacy needs. Yes you can learn to trust again. Yes you can get the love and respect that you deserve. Yes you can have a happy marriage.

I know first-hand that marriage can be a difficult and painful experience, one that severely tests our character and endurance, but don’t give up, there’s hope!  In our workshops and seminars, you’ll get the tools that will move you past the feelings of hopelessness, resentment and the feelings that you’re trapped with no good options. You'll learn from trained facilitators that have perhaps endured and over come what you are experiencing. Don't give up, join us, let us help you take your marriage from an ordeal 2 the Ideal.


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