"On the brink of divorce, we attended the "Ordeal 2 Ideal" workshop and was amazed by the eye opening tools we gained that has transformed our marriage. We highly recommend every couple to get in a workshop, whether your marriage is in trouble or not". - Melvin & Teasha Burnett
"The bible says Seek Wise Counsel, the facilitators of "Ordeal 2 Ideal" is that Wise Counsel. Although it's a Christian organization, they didn't quote a lot of scriptures and preach to us, they just addressed REAL life issues, lots of dialogue, and fun. My husband and I talk now more than ever. Thanks, Alicia & Mitch Gilmore  
All I have to say is, we'll attend one of these workshops annually, it's not only revitalized our marriage but, it was a fun day. - Sylvia & John Manly